Is your Team Member a Corporate Terrorist ???

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

One fine Evening, Vijay was seating in his cabin and thinking about the Overall performance of Mr. Chetan Shama, He was Achieving one after another Sales Milestone of the organization, But the alarming part was, In last Quarter HR Department has come up with the data, where Chetan is consistently breaching the Organizational Policies and Values.

Chetan has contributed 30% of the Organization's Sales and opened new opportunities for the company. He is not new to the industry, he holds 15+ Years of Experience from multiple corporate Companies.


Due to his performance, Vijay was unable to directly tell him, and Chetan was not in control of HR as well. Due to him, Many other Team Members now, breaching the code of conduct, and the Organizational policies and code of conduct was a threat.

To solve this hot burning problem, Vijay has asked Chetan to meet him over a coffee out of office premises, along with his past 2 Quarter's Data from HR and ACCOUNTS.

Now, You have to take charge as a Vijay, How and what will you communicate with him..? what framework/ methodology you ll gonna use to eliminate this issue from your organization.?

Please share your answer in the comment box.

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