Have you Integrated KRA KPI with the Strategy?

How to define KRA KPIs? From where do they derive?

KRA KPI is a very important element in the strategy implementation, as large goals are needed to be converted into small goals,

In strategy objective, firms decide to create a core-competitive advantage, to win over their rivals,

how does that core competitive advantage come from? CCA comes when every individual performs the defined Business Processes and achieves the bigger goals of the firm,

*(For SOP: Refer https://www.anvikshiki.com/post/how-standard-operating-procedures-are-created)

KRA KPI must reflect the long term as well as short term objectives,

Some points to be considered when preparing the KRA KPI,

1. Set clear-cut objectives which can be measured easily.

2. Give weightage according to the requirement of the Market - Customer - Service objective

3. Create MIS Reports which reflect the KRA KPI's Objective.

4. Make KRA KPI Dynamic instead of static, as and when business requirement changes, reflect that into Individual's KRA KPI.`

5. Give weightage to Self Upgradation and Live up to the Organization's Values System.

6. Measure the KPIs in every quarter, give feedback to your team member accordingly, and remember by Only defining KRA KPIs results will not be obtained.

Setting up the wrong KRA can mislead the individual's performance and ultimately organizational goals suffer.

How KRA KPI Is helpful?

Application of the KRA KPI:

  1. In Performance Management System

  2. While Defining skill matrix and training need analysis

  3. In career progression planning

  4. In Appraisal

  5. For Performance Improvement Plan #pip

Seek our advice in formulating the KRA KPI,

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