इस बार सेलेरी इंक्रीमेंट KPI से करेंगे? याह वही पुरानी रीत ?

Will you perform #salary #appraisal with the help of #KPIs? or With the same old traditional method?

- As April comes, the tension of the managers and promoters increases, April is a month where the organization revises the salary structure, where no the absence of a Robust PMS system increases the anxiety of the managers, how much percentage increment should be given to whom?

  1. Who has delivered the result during all 4 Quarters?

  2. Who has contributed what % to fulfillment of the organizational Goal?

  3. Who has played a vital role in the strategy execution?

All such questions are answered in the KPIs, where managers can maintain the Q Wise report.

Find the below example:

"caution: its a sample created for a specific industry group, a few details are missing in this."

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- How to give salary increment? 
- Yearly salary appraisal. 
- KPI Based Salary Appraisal .
- Performance Appraisal System

#Salaryincrement #yearlyappraisal #annualincrement #KPIBASEDAPPRAISAL #Howtogiveappraisal?

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